Sunday, November 2, 2014

It has been a while since I have written in here. Piper has passed away, along with Annie and Tyra. I will post pictures with their stories soon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Sophie was a breeder dog that I become foster mommy to. She was so sweet, but we found that she could really snore. Wow, like having a 800 pound drunken sailor sleeping with us. She quickly became Missie's buddy and play mate. I got Sophie when she was three years old. The deal was that I bring her back for breeding and when they retired her she would become mine. She had been bred 2 times. The first time she produced 1 puppy and the 2nd time nothing. I was hoping for a miracle. When she went into heat, I whispered in her ear before she left.."Sophie you see a wiener coming at you sit down quick". She must had sat on it. LOL She got huge, like a football with legs. We took her back for whelping in September,and she produced 5 amazing puppies. After she was weaned, I was warned she would probably look for her puppies and cry. Not my Sophie, she came home and went to bed. She was happy to be home. We got Sophie shortly after Dallas died. She filled the hole in our hearts with her huge beautiful eyes. Sophie got sick one day. June 5th 2006. She had caught a virus and her little heart enlarged. She was in pet care and they said she would not make it. As we went to the vet for the last trip to see Sophie, my heart shattered. The vet was so kind. He cleared all people from his office. There was only Sophie, the vet, my husband and myself. I held Sophie and told her I loved her. I cuddled her close and with the prick of a needle she was gone. I do not remember how long I held her but I cried so hard. I had the vet take her halter of and they give me a length of her hair from her amazing tail. She died June 9th, 2006 Missie's 4th birthday.

I still miss her. More about Sophie here..

These were taken just hours before she got sick.



Sophie and Missie

Sophie and Missie

Talking to daddy...

Sophie and Daddy

Sunday, July 19, 2009


After Dallas died, Missie got really depressed. She stopped eating and had her colitis flare up again. She was mourning the loss of her buddy. We were living in an apartment and thought maybe a cat would be a good buddy for Missie. We answered a free to good home ad and went and picked him up. Piper was almost a year old. Missie was not amused with him and pretty much ignored this new "dog". Piper, after we moved into our new house, liked to escape. On December 26th 2003, Piper got outside and decided to fight another big tom. It was horrible. I ran outside in my night gown and fell. Ass up in a snow bank, thinking..Hold F*ck, I broke my leg. I slowly straighten out my leg, nope not broken, checked foot, seems OK. Stayed laying out in the snow for about 15 mins. Got Piper and limped back in. Ouch..I banged my leg so bad, I put a dent into the bone and bruised my foot. Lovely red angry colour. But I got Piper. Had him neutered shortly after that. Piper is extremely people shy. We have friends that only saw him after 2 years of visits. I think they thought we had a phantom cat. LOL.

I dare ya to pee on the floor.....
Piper Hacquard

Piss off.It's MY bed

Piper and Tyra Hacquard

I am just too cute for human words......


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Missie the poo

We got Missie in July of 2002. That was a very bad year. We lost Akeija, Shayker, Charlie and declared bankruptcy. We even lost out home..

Missie was born on June 9th and came to us at the end of July. She was so tiny and fast. When we went out, we took Missie with us. Every one thought that she looked like a Gund toy.She was just so cute. When Missie was about 9 weeks old my dad came to visit with one of my sisters. I went shopping and dad stayed home an kept an eye on his newest fur grandchild. When I met up with Dad later, he was in a fighting mood. I kept bugging him until he told me what was wrong. He thought Missie was licking his ears and he fell asleep. What she actually did was suck out his hearing aids and eat them. He chased her all over the apartment and she thought it was a great game. She would stop and spit out a piece. Her grandpa has forgiven her...
Missie is smart and rules the roost. It was fun to watch her with Dallas. She would hold on to Dallas's tail and when Dallas walked, Missie waterskied behind her. She is queen of the house and of my heart..


Missie Hacquard


HRH  Missie the Poo

Such a girly dog...

Monday, April 6, 2009


Peanut came to us a few months after Shayker died. She was a fox terrier and very pretty. I was too full of grief over Shayker and felt it was not fair to this little girl. I found her a new home. Unfortunately, they did not secure her and she was hit by a car.

I could not find a picture of her...

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Shayker was a small Lhasa terrier mix that my husband bought for me. The first time I saw her she shook so bad, that I called her Shayker. It stuck. When I brought her home she weighed less than 800 grams.

She was a funny puppy. The first night I had her she slept in our living room in a crate. All was well the first night. The next night, wow, who knew a small baby like that could make such a racket? Anyway kicked hubby out of bed, and let her sleep with me. I got her in April 2001, just after my husband had lost his job. I sure loved her. Akeija, had a minor stroke in April and then I had one 6 weeks later. I lost my short term memory and my speech for 8 months. That sucked. The only one that understood me was Shayker. Shayker loved me and barely tolerated my husband. Every time he would come near me she would growl. On January 2, 2002, I brought Shayker to the vet for a check up. I thought she was too thin and she was a fussy eater. While at the vets she peed on the floor. The vet was concerned that is was too dilute so he ran a bunch of tests. It was then we found out Shayker was in Chronic Renal Failure. She was dying from the day she was born. I was hysterical and my speech shut down again. The vet only gave her a few weeks to live. I brought her home and started her on Peditite and a special diet. I cried so much, my doctor was concerned that I would either have another stroke or a heart attack. Shayker lived for almost 4 months, then the succumbed to this terrible disease. Out of all my losses in my life, she rates up there as #1. I miss her so much and I think of her everyday. She is buried in a pet cemetery with Dallas and I go visit them quit often there. I still cry when I go. To me she was the child I never had..

Shayker was the product of a backyard breeder in Markstay. I called the lady and told her about Shayker. I was not polite with her and honest to god, if she would have been standing in front of me, I would have kicked the life out of her.

Shayker died at the age of 14 months. 6 weeks after Akeija.




Charlie thinking Shayker is a chipmunk

Shayker and Charlie

Shayker, Dallas and Akeija

Shayker, Akeija and Dallas

Shayker with a small kong



Sunday, March 15, 2009


After Salsa died, I was really depressed. So my husband said lets go to the pound and see if anyone there needs a good home. I cried the whole time I was there. No one there caught my eye. When we were about to leave, this black paw reaches out and swatted my husband's leg. He had been so far back in the cage, we never saw him. So, they let him out and he wrapped his arms around Gaston's neck. He came home with us.

Akeija loved him and Charlie just chilled. That night after coming home from work, we could not find him. OMG check Akeija to see if she ate him. No blood or fur on Akeija. Where could he be? We called and called and searched the house. No Charlie. After a while, I hear a meow and I look up. There he is. On top of my kitchen cupboards, sleeping in a corner. Little monkey is a climber....He was a hunter, he tried to get my budgies all the time. He loved being on the counters, table what ever was high off the floor. During this time, we brought Dallas home. After a while my husband began to feel sorry for Charlie because the dogs would beat him to his dish, so he started to feed Charlie on the counter. LOL a man who does not like cats, crumbled.
I came home early one day and went to my office. I could hear running and playing so I just let them be. After a while, I noticed no noise so I went to check on them.

What I found made me laugh. Dallas was splayed out on the floor not moving. Charlie had knocked a tube of crazy glue off the counter, and Dallas being a puppy, chewed it. He had glued his face to the hard wood floors. After I carefully cut her away from the floor, I called poison control. I swear Charlie was laughing in only a way a cat can.

We moved the following year and Charlie began a new habit. When he was annoyed with you, he would poop on something of yours. Usually Dallas's bed. But I remember one time, I saw Charlie running out of our bedroom and a very angry, naked husband in pursuit. So I asked what? He said shit.. What? The beast had crapped on the bed, while he was in it, right beside him. Payback for stepping on him earlier, I guess. LOL

Charlie was a garage hunter. He killed a lot of mice and chipmunks. I tried to get him when he got them. I like chipmunks. I managed to save a lot from Charlie. Who knew chipmunks played dead? And man do they take off fast when the sense danger is gone. Charlie was most certainly a character.

Charlie was not allowed outside, but when we were moving again, Charlie disappeared. We went back everyday for months, leaving food and calling. Charlie's remains were found almost a year after we lost him. He left a big hole in my heart.

Charlie left us in 2002.